TFI- Test de Français International

The TFI test (Test de Français International) is a French language proficiency test for non-native speakers of French. It certifies the French skills (both academic and business) of test takers, from beginner to advanced levels.

Spoken by over 170 million people daily, French is widely used in international business and communication. A student wanting to study in a Francophone nation, or a professional looking to work in an international environment with multiple languages, can use TFI scores to prove their competence in the language, since the TFI test is recognized as reliable and valid worldwide.

Who uses the TFI test?

  • HR managers in making recruitment decisions

  • Companies sometimes use TFITM scores to describe minimum language requirements for specific jobs

  • Teachers and academics institutions to certify level of French; some institutions require a minimum TFI score as a part of the admissions or graduation criteria

  • Language schools use the test to group students homogeneously into language courses, and to validate their progress with an unbiased external test

  • Students and professionals take the test to validate their French skills using an objective measurement tool


Aprile 2018
Martedì 17 ore 10:00 - Milano - Sessione pubblica - Normal Score (Iscrizione entro 04/04/2018)
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€ 130,00
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Maggio 2018
Martedì 15 ore 10:00 - Milano - Sessione pubblica - Normal Score (Iscrizione entro 02/05/2018)
€ 130,00
€ 130,00
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Giugno 2018
Martedì 12 ore 10:00 - Milano - Sessione pubblica - Normal Score (Iscrizione entro 30/05/2018)
€ 130,00
€ 130,00
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Luglio 2018
Martedì 17 ore 10:00 - Milano - Sessione pubblica - Normal Score (Iscrizione entro 05/07/2018)
€ 130,00
€ 130,00
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Scheda Test

The TFI test lasts around 110 minutes, and comprises 180 questions divided into listening and reading section. Points for each section range from 5 to 495 points; the total score, hence, ranges from between 10 to 990 points.


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