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1h50" testing time | 180 questions | Scores in 14 days

The TFI™ test (Test de Français International) is a French language proficiency test for non-native speakers of French. It certifies test takers' French skills (both academic and business), from beginner to advanced levels and is recognized as reliable and valid worldwide.

Who uses the TFI test?

  • HR managers
  • Teachers and academics institutions to certify level of French
  • Language schools
  • Students and professionals

TFI™ test sessions are held at EAS Milan (Corso Italia 8, Milano).

Please feel free to contact EAS Milan for more information and/or book a test session.

Phone number: +39 02 89010893


Luglio 2024
Lunedì 15 ore 15.30 - Milano - Sessione Privata - Express Score
€ 147,00
€ 147,00
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The TFI™ test is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice assessment, held at EAS Milan (Corso Italia 8, Milano). It consists of 180 questions divided into two parts. The total testing time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Listening Comprehension

Format: Paper-and-pencil
Time: 42 min
Score 5 to 495 points
Questions: 90
Sections: Questions, Dialogues, Conversations
Description: Test takers listen to a variety of questions and answers, short dialogues and talks recorded in French, and answer questions based on what they hear.

Reading Comprehension

Format: Paper-and-pencil
Time: 68 min
Score: 5 to 495 points
Questions: 30
Sections: Text Completion, Incomplete Sentences, Single Passages
Description: Test takers read a variety of materials and respond to questions based on what they read.


  • Please be on-site at least 30 minutes before the test scheduled time.
  • Access to the room will be denied once the test has started.
  • Bring a valid Identity Document.
  • Headphones will be provided.
  • Test details will be found at I TUOI ORDINI page, under the ADMISSION TICKET button. 


TFI™ Ccore Report will be release after 14 days. It only exists in paper format, and it will be kept in EAS Milan archives until collection (if within expiration date). Please be aware that this document will be gobally valid for 2 years.



valid Identity Document with a legible signature is required to take a TOEIC® test.

Italian citizens may use:

  • Passaport
  • Identity Card
  • Driver Licence

Foreign citizens may only use:

  • Passaport

ATTENTION: This document is mandatory and without it the candidate won't be able to take the test. Payment and exam registration will be lost.


You can reschedule your TFI™ test until at least 12 calendar days ahead the test date.
It will cost € 20,00.

To forward the request please fill in the form and complete the payment.


You can cancel your TFI™ test until at least 12 calendar days ahead the test date through this contact form: no refunds shall be paid for requests that don't respect the deadline.

Refunds (deducted €35,00 for administration fees) will be disbursed within six working weeks.

Cancellations due to the verified lack of needed technical requirements are not subject to administration fees deductions.

ATTENTION: Orders purchased by bank transfer will need to provide the account holder's IBAN when filling out the form.


Data requested by registration form is strictly necessary for the provision of the requested service. Data will be managed in accordance with the following extended policy:

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